Free Shipping with all US orders.

We do provide international shipping at additional cost. You may place an order, however if you are not in agreement to pay additional shipping costs, your order will be fully refunded. 

We can happily say that over the past 4 years we have recycled over 10,000 lbs of clothing, and have produced over 10,000 outfits. 

We do also carry a fantastic line of "Boutique" items that are carefully and critically sourced to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Q: I had an item in my cart, when I went to check out the item was gone?

A: Unfortunately, that means the item is no longer available. 

Q: I received my vintage items and there are some stains, or holes or raw edges?

A: All vintage items are just that.. VINTAGE. Please expect some holes, stains, piling, and raw edges.

Q: I need an update on my order, where can I find my tracking information?

A: Please log into your personal PayPal account, click on your payment to us, if the item has shipped your tracking information will be there.

Q: Some of my items are slightly blemished.

A: On average we Upcycle about 90% of our outfits. Meaning we take thrift finds and turn them into beautiful creations. Not every item will be 100% perfect....sometimes its OK to be perfectly imperfect!